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Al Gore Predicted No Polar Ice Cap. He Was Wrong

In 2008, Al Gore predicted that the entire North Pole Ice cap would be completely gone in five years.

Well, five years have passed and there was still an ice cap at the warmest point of the year. What’s more is that the polar ice cap grew 29 percent over last year.


It make you wonder if there is any accountability with these crazed global warming alarmists. Their scare tactics are freaking people out into a statist solution but according to the data, there is no threat. Yes, global temperatures have risen since the 1980s. But weather models based on the anthropogenic global warming theories have failed to account for stable temps in the past ten years or the dramatic cooling we’ve seen in 2013.




I personally think that global cooling is a more frightening prospect and the alarmists should use that tactic to scare people, but regardless, it’s disconcerting to see such a wide agreement in the scientific community about something that is clearly not valid. It’s confusing too, until you understand that most of the climate-change propagandists get their grant money from governments that stand to benefit from climate-change regulation, what’s called the global warming gravy-train.

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