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Funny How Black Lives Only Matter Right Before a Presidential Election

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BREAKING: US Government Taking Action to Silence Wikileaks


NOTICE: This is a developing story, it is being actively updated as information comes available. Please check back for updates. Last Updated 4:54PM GMT (12:54 PM Eastern United States)

UPDATE 4:54PM GMT (12:54PM EST) Information circulating that suggests there are more members of @Wikileaks impacted. Not just Assange at the Embassy. Wikileaks has someone still posting regardless.

UPDATE 3:59PM GMT (11:59AM EST) It appears Wikileaks has signalled all operatives to take measures to protect themselves. Guccifer 2.0 has indicated he is ready for the next release. Looks like Podesta 10 is still coming, but possibly just late.

Also developing story, RT Media’s Bank Accounts Closed in the UK (Suspected close ties to Wikileaks? or Propaganda we don’t know, will start new article on that story soon.)

UPDATE 3:35PM GMT (11:35AM EST): Wikileaks has missed its own deadline to post next release of Podesta Emails. London Police still refuse to comment, Embassy still refuses to confirm if Julian Assange is on the property. Wikileaks Communications channels are completely silent. Wikileaks Website is still intermittent, reason unknown.

UPDATE 2:44PM GMT (10:44PM EST): Associated Press reports Embassy refuses to confirm Assange is still on the property. Local London Police refuse to comment.


From time to time Wikileaks creates what are called “Insurance Files”. These files are released into the wild using a Torrent. A Torrent is a distributed file sharing technology that allows the downloader to become the host. It is a way to get data out without sending it from a central source. It is impossible for any government to stop a Torrent without severely restricting every citizen in the effort.

Historic Event

Through the entire history of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has never released the keys to decrypt an Insurance file, until now. As the community wonders what Wikileaks means by its posts, information warriors have already decrypted and analyzed portions of the 88GB Insurance File. Folks! Based on our early analysis, John Kerry is likely going to prison.

About eight hours before this article was written Wikileaks released three separate keys for an Insurance File. It is believed by the community of Wikileaks insiders that this was the result of a “Dead Man Switch”. This is an action that Julian Assange must take periodically to prevent an automatic tweet which releases information.  We have no information to substantiate these rumors.

This means that not only is Wikileaks releasing a portion of the 88 Gigabytes of data, they are releasing it without placing it on their website. Wikileaks called the Tweets “pre-commitments”. It is interesting that the three “pre-commitment” keys released are concerning the UK, Ecuador, and John Kerry. All of which are parties involved in Julian Assange’s current situation at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

The following phone call was recorded two hours before the reports of a possible raid on the Embassy. The person who shared it has restricted the ability to share it here is the link.

Reddit has created a Mega Thread regarding these claims, which occurred AFTER the Julian Assange proof of life video.


This was about an hour after a news article was published in Ecuador. That article stated that Julian Assange’s appeal had failed and an Arrest Warrant would not be removed. Article is in Spanish

No English based news agencies have reported on the most recent development related to the Swedish Arrest Warrant.

Roger Stone Tweeted a few minutes later after the above Tweet was posted.

This could be related to negotiations between those parties and the freedom on Julian Assange. Also, John Kerry recently threatened Ecuador if they did not silence Assange. It appears there is something more going on, but currently, no one is talking.

We are analyzing the keys provided in the Tweets against the Insurance Files. As we know more we will make as much information about this as we can available, without jeopardizing anyone’s safety.



Just under an hour before this article was written Wikileaks tweeted:

We are not sure if this is related to the keys for the Insurance Files or not. We will update you as soon as we know more.


Normally we would link to the Tweets, however, due to the nature of the current situation we have provided images of those Tweets.

We can only confirm that Julian Assange has only been disconnected from the Internet.

Finally, our technical experts have asked us to add a clarification. There are a lot of people claiming that these are not keys, but instead only the hash of the plain text. They clearly do not understand Encryption. A hash is used to validate the authenticity of the sender against the sender’s public key in a PKI infrastructure.

These files were not encrypted using PKI, they were encrypted using multi-key overlays, with multiple keys per file section. In other words, these Hex Keys decrypt the portion of the files that include information about the subject mentioned in the Tweets.

Youtube Video showing caller attempting to determine if Assange is still at the Embassy and if he is still alive:I am sorry I can’t talk about that.” was the response he received.

If this website or this post disappears, without an explanation from us, you will know that we were forced to take it down by authorities.

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This is What a Police State Looks Like From the Other Side

Police violently raid the WRONG house, traumatize kids, cuff an elderly woman and kick cats. All in a day’s work.

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Obamacare has been a gift, a daily calamity that discredits government every day it exists.

From an anonymous contributor:

Today’s decision upheld Obamacare subsidies in federal exchanges. It’s true, the Left won – good for them. Now, let’s take a longer view of the past, present, and the future.

Personally, today’s decision made me think back to three years ago, when the crux of the law was upheld. It made me think about the optimism of the left at the time, and how happy they were that their sacred cow had avoided a skewering. And then it made me think of how the government then, promptly and inevitably, did the skewering itself, and with a variety of spears: a historic, disastrous website launch that forcibly branded the lesson of governmental incompetence in the minds of at least two generations; soaring premiums and deductibles; labor market distortions; millions of cancelled “incompatible” healthcare policies; and so much more. The list is literally endless.

None of these crucial, eternal lessons about the horrors of central planning would have come to pass, if the Court had struck down the law back in 2012, Obamacare would have become a martyr, an eternal “if only” rallying point for all those who still have faith in government. In a way, a decision against Obamacare here might have been even worse – we can talk about those details later, though. My point is that for all the damage it’s done, Obamacare has been a gift, a daily calamity that discredits government every day it exists. And if you want proof that people are heeding the reminder, see the 2010 and 2014 elections.

So when you read the news today, remember that failure is necessary to engender success, and a society without the former can never have the latter. Today, the unmitigated failure that is Obamacare managed to avoid being subjected to reform and improvement…and just like how putting out forest fires only makes the later conflagration all the greater, today’s decision simply guaranteed that its eventual, assured demise will be all the greater and more positive. The larger the failure, the greater the success – and with a failure of Obamacare’s size, we’re due for something pretty special down the road. Let the Left have their day. And rest easy tonight, knowing they have but won a battle in a war that they lost the moment it began.

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Hilarious Global Warming Predictions For 2015 by ABC

News Busters reports a hilarious attempt by ABC to predict the catastrophes of global warming from 2008:

New York City under water! $15 gallon of milk! Stronger floods, fires, hurricanes!

And when you try to watch for this program on ABC, you get a cat video:


I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want anyone to see the kind of ridiculous claims I made about global warming that didn’t happen.

When will the global warming alarmists’ predictions come true??

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Obama Wants To Further Break Up Traditional Families

So, workforce participation is at the lowest rate in America since the 70s.

LFP Participation

Of course it’s no surprise when the federal government subsidizes doing nothing while punishing success. Who wants to work when they’re being forced to pay half their earnings to wasteful, corrupt bureaucracies?

So, what does the president propose in his 2015 State of the Union in order to fix this problem? Of course he doesn’t want to address the problem by ceasing his counter-productive policies. No, he wants to break families up by giving tax breaks to families in which both parents work, discouraging stay-at-home mothers (you know that dreaded traditional thing mothers have done for millennia and is the bane to the modern feminists’ existence).

Of course, they don’t want to support that. The dual paycheck family works nicely in the statist dystopian framework. When there isn’t a parent at home with the kids, the state is left to care for them in schools or juvenile detention centers. Then the government has more authority to continue prosecuting home-schooling families.

Now, I’m all for tax breaks, but the people who need the tax breaks more are the single-paycheck families. Where is their tax break? Also, it’s not like he plans to do without that tax revenue, he’s going to make up for it by taxing higher-income workers more.

This is just one step closer to creating a nation of Obambies completely dependent on the federal government.


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Prosecutorial Discretion For Me Not You Because I Said So

This is the ultimate display of illogical hypocracy. What a sociopath.

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Obama Wants Mothers to Work So Government Can Better Indocrinate Their Kids

Obama don’t have a high opinion of stay-at-home mothers. He thinks a woman is most valuable in the workforce, not as the mother of her own kids. In this video he’s ostensibly promoting women’s equality, but really he’s undermining the worth of motherhood as a vocation and propagandizing the government indoctrination through increased schooling.

Nice try, jackass.

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Know Your Rights at Police Checkpoints