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Armed Men Kidnapping Baby. Just Another Day on the Job for a Government Employee

There are a number of disturbing things caught on video when police came to take the baby of California residents Anna and Alex Nikolayev. Evidently, the police assaulted Mr. Nikolayev as he refused to cooperate with the police taking his child. From the video alone, it’s clear that the police did not show a warrant when asked for one and likely did not have one to begin with. The officers—no doubt from protocol—searched the house (illegal search).

One policeman said: “I’m going to grab your baby. Now, don’t resist and don’t fight me, okay?”

When the mother asked where he was going to be taken, the CPS worker said she wouldn’t tell because the mother “wasn’t acting rationally.” I think the way she was acting was perfectly rational. She didn’t WANT HER BABY KIDNAPPED BY SEVERAL ARMED MEN and an out of control CPS bureaucrat.

Watch the video here:

The Nikolayevs were able to get their baby back from the “protective custody” of the government, but only under certain conditions. And it’s not clear if there was any retribution from the psychological or physical harm these bureaucrats committed. Regardless of the outcome, should these villains be allowed to do this just because they are in the government? Do we live in a police state? Do we have rights any more? Armed men kidnapping a baby? Just another day on the job for a government employee.


Full Nikolayev Kidnapping Video