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Obama Wants To Further Break Up Traditional Families

So, workforce participation is at the lowest rate in America since the 70s.

LFP Participation

Of course it’s no surprise when the federal government subsidizes doing nothing while punishing success. Who wants to work when they’re being forced to pay half their earnings to wasteful, corrupt bureaucracies?

So, what does the president propose in his 2015 State of the Union in order to fix this problem? Of course he doesn’t want to address the problem by ceasing his counter-productive policies. No, he wants to break families up by giving tax breaks to families in which both parents work, discouraging stay-at-home mothers (you know that dreaded traditional thing mothers have done for millennia and is the bane to the modern feminists’ existence).

Of course, they don’t want to support that. The dual paycheck family works nicely in the statist dystopian framework. When there isn’t a parent at home with the kids, the state is left to care for them in schools or juvenile detention centers. Then the government has more authority to continue prosecuting home-schooling families.

Now, I’m all for tax breaks, but the people who need the tax breaks more are the single-paycheck families. Where is their tax break? Also, it’s not like he plans to do without that tax revenue, he’s going to make up for it by taxing higher-income workers more.

This is just one step closer to creating a nation of Obambies completely dependent on the federal government.