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What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Meme?

On August 14, 2014, I came up with this gem:


I knew it was a hit because it get 17 shares and a few likes. That’s pretty good for a struggling political commentary personality. **Notice the watermark:!

Fast forward a few months and I see this on a friend’s feed:


Jan Morgan posted a copy of my meme and it’s blowing up! First in December then, when Hillary announced her candidacy posted it again as if it were hers. In the text she writes, “My campaign to defeat Hillary with her own record is now officially underway . I would appreciate YOUR help by sharing my posts about her. Thanks. – 2014 JAN MORGAN”

Really? Your post?

After erroneously claiming that she had scrubbed the meme (the original didn’t have the watermark) and attacking her personally, we tried reasoning with her but she claimed, “I could have helped your struggling page by giving it a boost and promotion on my page but since you chose to attack me publicly and lie about me stealing your meme , I’m blocking you and will never promote anything you do .” No, but I’m sure you will steal stuff I do a few more times before you’re done!

This has happened before and they rectified the situation. Jan Morgan doesn’t want to have any of it. It seems like she wants to take credit for something she had nothing to do with. There is a Facebook copyright violation process but it’s yet to be determined if that will go anywhere.

This may seem petty, but it’s disheartening when all you have are ideas and someone steals them and benefits from them (to the tune of 150,000 shares).

The worst aspect is that we’re all on the same side. We both want this message to get out. It’s unfortunate when people go so far as to take off the credit of the originating entity to look better in her viewers’ eyes.

Any ideas on how to achieve justice are welcome!